Development Functions

Venture Corporation Is A Commercial Real Estate Development Company With Over 45 Years Of Experience.
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Venture Corporation
Development Functions

Venture Corporation with over 45 years of experience, is a full-service development company that provides project management, construction management, government entitlement management, marketing and sales strategies and tactics and owner’s association management.

Project Management

The Venture team are experts in market analysis, site selection and analysis, zoning reviews, financial analysis, architecture and engineering, debt and equity, business entity formation, entitlements, construction management, accounting and reporting, project completion and future responsibilities.

Construction Management

The Venture team are experts in the selection of the general contractor, preparation and execution of consturction contracts, preparation and implementation of contractor withholding plans, obtaining general liability / warrant insurance policies, establishment of construction manager communications, individual buyer customizations, construction oversight and weekly reportings.

Government Entitlements

The Venture team are experts in government entitlements, property zoning and changes, government procedures, utilities and certifications.

Marketing and Sales

The Venture team are experts in market studies, marketing collateral, marketing campaigns both direct mail and digital campaigns including e-mail campaigns and print magazine campaigns, website development, broker open housees and training, public relations, sales programs and agreements, sales tracking, oversight and escrow supervision.

Owner's Association Management

The Venture team are experts in articles of incorporation, conditions, covenants and restrictions, owners’ association meetings, property management, property taxes, operating budgets, voting authority, seller voting authority and resale restrictions.