JEFFREY B. ZIMMERMAN, Ph D., Information Technology Director:

Jeff Zimmerman has extensive experience in computer systems and networks, internet and web technologies, e-commerce, software and database design, as well as accounting and management systems and has been an adjunct to the marketing and finance departments of many companies.  At Venture Corporation, Jeff is responsible for developing and implementing all technologies within the Company's marketing and information dissemination systems.   In concert with the marketing department, Jeff is responsible for creating and maintaining the many project websites, the "look and feel" and automation of Venture Corporation web pages and major e-mail campaigns directed to 220,000 real estate agents in the Company's database.  Venture Corporation hosts its own websites on Company servers, and Jeff Zimmerman was responsible to developing these systems. He oversees and implements network security and identifies proactive solutions to satisfy needs.  Jeff understands complex database and programming concepts and has incorporated these technologies into Venture Corporation’s web sites.  Jeff has 17 years of experience with Fortune 500 technology companies managing, designing, developing and executing marketing campaigns, as well as developing innovative Internet technologies.  Jeff Zimmerman also has extensive experience in due diligence and financial analysis, evaluating the fundability of biomedical and technology companies.   Jeff attended Vanderbilt University where he received his Ph D., the University of Rochester (New York) and the University of California Santa Cruz.

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